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Python is a programming language known for its ease of use an being developer friendly. Python is taking the Software Development industry by storm. Python is very common in Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) due to its consistency and code that is easy to read, along with Python’s vast majority of built in modules and community made modules that are just waiting for import.

The reason I bring Python into a blog post about AI is due to the simple fact that ChatGPT was developed in Python, which is very exciting for the language and really does showcase the endless possibilities of computer programming and humanity as a whole.

ChatGPT (owned by Open AI) is an artificial intelligence chatbot to put it in simple terms. You simply just need to register for an Open AI account and you can ask (at the current time GPT 3.5) anything your heart desires and within seconds GPT will have formulated a response that is not only probably correct but also very detailed. Yes – AI can be wrong, but every day it just continues to evolve and continues to amaze humans around the world. GPT was originally launched on November 30th 2022 and the things it can do coming up on its 1 year anniversary is astonishing. You can read in to the history of Open AI if you would like or simply just Chat GPT to tell you about its history. As of November 20th 2023, GPT 3.5’s last information update was in January 2022 – so it is good for information that has been around before January but if you are trying to keep up in the modern day of computing the information is actually quite legacy at this point.

As a subscription based model, Open AI allows users to subscribe to GPT 4 and even connect to their API. Allowing you to connect to it, automate tasks, run live chat agents on your website, run code, etc., the possibilities are endless. You could even be super busy one day and need a lot of information summarized – such as this post and GPT would have no issues doing that for you.

Now we get into the negatives of AI, I am sure a lot of us are scared. It is the fear of the unknown that scares humans after all. Is AI going to take my job? Will I be making minimum wage due to AI? Will AI end life as we know it?

Here is what we do know – as of right now November 20th 2023 there still is a great deal of demand for employees and post secondary education all over the world. AI is only as smart as humans are, after all, humans were the ones to program it. Some people are scared that AI may change the world and the truth is: yes, AI will change the world, but it doesn’t need to be for the wrong ways. We need to govern the ethical uses of AI. With the help of it, we have a chance of developing medical treatments and solving world issues, but the danger and fear lives on that it will take over.

If you are asking for an opinion of a Programmer, it is genuinely insane what AI can do, if I am having trouble with a portion of code and I load up GPT (3.5) and copy and paste a snippet of the code in there, 90% of the time it spots the error, and explains what is wrong and how to fix it.

You may now say, well that’s great AI can program for us now too. Well technically yes it can, there will likely always be a need for developers and they will always likely be in high demand due to our tech focused world and the continuous evolution of technology. I like to believe that AI will actually help create more jobs, and better ones as well.

By automating jobs that require little to no thinking AI can possibly even help us advance so years down the line we are all working in better job markets.

But until then, we must wait and see. It is very interesting to use AI, if you are still hesitant, I encourage you to give it a shot, even if you give it a burner email and fake information just to see what it is all about.

All thoughts are my own and are in no way a scientific study, make your own opinions, be responsible, be smart.

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