Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of my most frequently asked questions that I receive on a daily basis. I have the questions and answers below! Do you have a question that isn’t answered? Contact Us

01. What do you charge per hour?

I don’t charge an hourly rate for my services, rather a fixed price agreed upon before the work is started so that we’re both on the same page.

02. How long will it take to design my website?

Depending on the requirements of your website or other services required. I am typically able to get new projects out after two weeks, should you require expedited services, please just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

03. Explain the annual maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee is a common practice in IT Services. It is required in order to keep your website up to date, secure, and in proper working order. It also includes revisions to your website, as specified in your plan.

The maintenance fee also included domain renewals, and SSL.

04. Am I required to be able to edit my website myself?

No – absolutely not. I will take care of all your backend servers, website and email services. Unless you absolutely want root access to your website (blog posts, minor edits) I’ll take care of it all!

05. How do you process payments?

I am able to process credit card payments over PayPal for your security. I also accept Interac e-Transfer.

We can make special arrangements should you need to process payment via Cheque or Cash.

06. What are your working hours?

I am always just an email away. I am most active from 6 am (CST) to 4 pm (CST) Mon – Fri

07. Are you able to design online stores?

Yes – I am able to design ECommerce stores that can process all major credit cards.

08. Do you offer SEO services?

No – I am not a professional marketing agency, so I cannot provide professional SEO services, nor do I advertise or claim I do. All of the websites designed by me are included with very basic SEO features to help search engines find them, and help your business get found, but I do not provide professional SEO.